Friday, 5 June 2015

Near Targets

A few things have changed with my training lately, so I thought i'd document them here.

Handstand push ups have been one of my big goals for the year. I'm getting close to a freestanding one. I have managed 4 reps against a wall facing away, and singles facing the wall. I just need to break that 90 degree point and hold handstand form. There should be a progress video when I finally get them.

Muscle ups have improved, but i'm yet to manage 3 in a row. I seem to need less momentum than before though, so i'm hopeful that I may be able to do them without swinging momentum at some point. My pull up training has seen great improvements lately, training them twice a week. My 5*5 is currently at 10KG, and my 3*5 is at 20. Would be nice if I could hit a 40KG pull up by the end of the year, current max being 30KG. I've also managed 19 consecutive pull ups, so only one short of being in the 20 club.

I've seen great gains in my standing precision from stretching out my hip flexors and psoas. For this, i've been using 2 stretches advised by Kelly Starret.


Plus a few other mobility pieces including seiza sitting, and ab stretching.

My jumping mechanics just seem to flow better after I've spent 20 minutes or so playing around with these. Kelly Starret knows what he's talking about.

My squat stopped progressing, so i've changed my stance to a closer one, which mimicks how I jump more closely, to see if that has more carry over. Also, bulgarian squats are back!

I've been tempted to try out some ankle training to see what carry over that has. Time will tell.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Gymnastic bodies

I've been following a facebook handstand challenge recently hosted by gymnastic bodies. I'm fairly sure my handstand's gotten straighter, but my shoulders are very tired at the moment! There's a gymnastic strength thing after that which i'm also interested in.

And I've started working on rings muscle ups!

That is all.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Thing training

I have a new video, showing the results of my current training fairly well.