Saturday, 12 July 2014

Somewhere around the start of 2014, my training took a sudden change. I’ve been doing parkour since Jump Britain aired, and since then, I have seen the sport go through many changes. The ability of traceurs and freerunners around the world still continues to shatter the limits of what I thought was possible, but despite this boost in ability, I had started to feel disengaged from the sport. After reading a few articles, I began to realise that this was not due to me getting older, but because the prevailing tone of parkour has changed, and that older tone was the reason I continued to train after Jump Britain. My intention here is not to criticise the way things are now. There are obvious problems with the increase in wow factor, but everything brilliant has its flaws. My only problem with the newer attitude is that it isn’t how I wanted to train. I don’t want to be the guy who’s flipping over rooftops. I want to be the guy who can stick that awkward blind rail precision. I want to be the guy who can get over a wall faster than anyone else. With this in mind, I made a decision.
A few years ago, the main reason I didn’t train as I currently do is because I was still living with my parents, and didn’t have much disposable income. This is no longer the case. I can afford to eat, train, and live how I like. After consideration about what I wanted to do with myself, I decided to break my training down into three main areas. Strength, mobility, and technique. A barbell, a pull up bar, and a regular conditioning of parkour specific movements session make up the strength portion. For mobility, I work on whatever I think needs work. This is usually decided from problems i’ve noticed while either training of lifting. Finally, i started to train a technical night, where the focus is on precision, and drilling correct technique wherever I think I need work. Between these three areas, I think I should be able to achieve consistently good strong movements.

I have been experimenting with this style of training for roughly six months, and have achieved two of my three goals I had set out for myself. My pull ups had fallen from Ten, to a measly seven reps. I currently have it up to eleven, and I have remade a standing precision which I had lost. On top of that, i’ve put on a nice amount of muscle weight. All that remains from the original targets is getting the double arm muscle up. Once I get this, i’ll set some new targets, and hopefully by training like this, with time and effort, i’ll be able to achieve any goal I set myself.

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